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There are multiple validated tools to estimate prognosis in patients with advanced cancer. However, there are several barriers towards their regular use in clinical practice:

  1. It is difficult to choose which tool to use.
  2. The calculation can be cumbersome, especially with multiple models.
  3. The interpretation can be challenging.

In an attempt to try and overcome these challenges, we have created this website to provide survival estimates based on multiple prognostic models based entirely on published results that are referenced.

Currently, the models we have included are:

As well as predictions based solely on the following Performance Status Scales:

This is an entirely non-profit endeavor to promote these tools in clinical practice and to advance research in this area. It is a calculator only and no information is being saved or stored. This work is not endorsed by nor affiliated with our respective employers. If you have any questions about how it works feel free to look at the source code that is linked below. It is open licensed and thus free to build upon, improve or reuse if you wish.

Created by JP Maxwell MD, Hospitalist at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington and David Hui MD, MSc, Associate Professor of Oncology and Palliative Care at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.


Q: Why don't you include prognostic model X, Y or Z?

A: There are a lot of prognostic models out there and more are being developed all the time. If you have any suggestions about other prognostic models please email us! However, we have initially started with

Q: The website is blocked at the hospital/clinic I work, but I can use it at home, why?

A: Many hospitals use extra security software programs that check websites against their own "whitelist" of known, safe website domains to prevent hackers from stealing protected health information. Since our website is new (the domain was registered in early March 2017) it may be several weeks to months before each individual software company tests and approves it. If you find the website blocked, I would appreciate an email (JP Maxwell) with the name of the software program blocking it so I can contact the company and get the website whitelisted sooner.

Q: Where was the background picture taken?

A: This was taken on a hike in the foothills surrounding the Yakima Valley in the fall after some rain.


We are continually refining the website based on our own use and feedback from other providers so if you have any suggestions, notice an error or have a criticism please don't hesitate to email us: